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The energy and enthusiasm of our staff is one of the main reasons for the excellent patient care in our clinic. Competence, empathy and the desire for continuous education are the cornerstones of our work philosophy, and both our doctors and our staff members stay up to date with the latest developments in our field.

MFACE Team Jennifer Savcic

Jennifer Savcic

Jenny is a certified dental nurse.

Clinic Management, reception, administration, appointments, and surgical assistance.

MFACE Team Laura Hoppmann

Laura Koch

Laura is a certified dental administrative assistant


Nicole Mohrelt

Laura holds a bachelor´s degree in business administration.

Management of our ambulatory healthcare center

MFACE Team Alexa Starosta

Alexa Starosta

Alexa a certified dental and prophlaxis nurse.

Reception and surgical assistance.

MFACE Team Blendona Rexhaj

Blendona Rexhaj

Blendona is a dental nurse trainee.

Surgical assistance

Susanne Schaffel

Susanne is a certified dental nurse

Surgical assistance

Doris Scharl

Doris is a certified dental nurse.

Appointments, secretary
Interface coordination HELIOS Hospital Munich West

Laura Schenk

Laura is a certified dental nurse

surgical assistance

Our staff is specially trained for surgical assistance and perioperative patient care. Further education in dental prophylaxis and parodontal therapy as well as hygiene management add to the professional quality of their work. By maintaining a consequent quality management and continuous education we ensure the highest standards of patient care in our practice.


Caring about each patient with an idividual concept and treatment plan is of utmost importance to us. Together we strive to make Your experience at MFACE as pleasant as possible. Our team is always there if You have any questions or problems.